Alternative Wedding Bouquets: “Fresh” Trends

Purple PoppyDon’t get me wrong: I LOVE fresh flowers (and who doesn’t?)…. but they’re not for everyone. More and more brides are choosing alternative wedding bouquets for a variety of reasons.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Alternatives for Your Wedding Bouquet

1) Allergies

My Dad had bad allergies… we always made sure keep fresh flowers away from his table! Modern medicine does a good job of keeping allergies in check for most folks, but if Dad has a bad reaction, the whole party can be ruined! How well do you know your guests?


2) Fresh Flowers Are…. Perishable!

The beauty of flowers is fleeting! Wedding florists prepare everything within just a day or two before the wedding so that it’s perfect for just one day. But, by the time you return from your honeymoon, your flowers will be wilted! Some florists recommend “preserving” floral bouquets in a display case for a few hundred dollars extra… but that never made much sense to me, since the whole beauty of fresh flowers can only be enjoyed up close and in person.


3) Price

1367542016_price_money_tagA good wedding bouquet from a well-recommended florist can easily cost hundreds of dollars. High-end florists charge more. If you decide to “preserve” your wedding bouquet, you’d better budget closer to $1,000… just for the bouquet. It may sound expensive, but florists charge a fair price: it’s not cheap to express deliver stunning flowers by air from half-way around the world (see more on that later).


4) A Dirty Little Secret

Concerned about the environment? Fresh flowers often have a humongous carbon footprint. In the United States and Canada, most fresh flowers are express delivered by air to your table from thousands of miles away: Central and South America, or even Asia. The flowers are grown on large labor-intensive farms, often with little or no environmental regulations. They’re cut fresh, and put on a plane to Miami or New York within hours, then quickly distributed into the hands of florists across the country.

It’s incredible to think about all that is done just so you can enjoy your flowers for a few hours! If you insist on a fresh flower wedding bouquet, try searching for locally grown varieties to avoid the waste!


5) Personalization

Brides today are looking for more and more ways to personalize their weddings, and wedding bouquets have not escaped that trend. Brooch bouquets and other alternative material bouquets can be made to incorporate family heirlooms, personalized messages, or other symbolic figures. Truth be told, a florist can add these things to a fresh flower bouquet as well…. just make sure to recover your heirlooms once the flowers start to wilt!


6) Colors


What are your wedding colors? Red? Orange? Yellow? If so, you have lots of options for a fresh flower wedding bouquet. What about Turquoise? Teal? Grey? Not so much! Brides who are looking to incorporate their palette into their bouquet find that their options may be limited with fresh flowers. At Blue Petyl, we use a diverse variety of materials, and our jeweled silk flower bouquets can generally get much much closer to matching your palette than a florist can with fresh flowers.


7) Reduce the Wedding Day Stress

Fresh flowers must be prepared in the days just before a wedding, and delivered the same day. A wedding can be a stressful event, and it doesn’t help that brides can’t see their flower arrangements until that very day. The good news is that it’s no longer necessary to wait until the last minute! Alternative material bouquets can be prepared and delivered weeks or even months before the big day… it’s one less thing for brides to worry about in the days before their wedding.


8) Compelling Choices

Mention fake flowers, you’ll often conjure up visions of cheap, plastic flowers. For decades, they earned a reputation as a poor alternative to fresh flowers. Well, times have changed! “Real Touch” silk wedding bouquets can look and feel so real that you may only tell them apart from fresh flowers by their scent! Plus, the diversity of materials used for alternative wedding bouquets continues to evolve beyond even silk flowers: buttons, brooches, paper flowers, fabrics… even food! Brides today have compelling choices as alternatives to fresh flowers.


9) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycle_ReuseAlternative wedding bouquets can take advantage of reused or repurposed items. Look for the green recycle logo on Blue Petyl bouquet designs that use repurposed vintage materials.


10) The Wow! Impact

chatOur brides frequently tell us their Blue Petyl bouquet was the hit of their wedding! Most of your guests will have never seen anything like our bouquets…. and so we know it will create a buzz! How often have you heard of guests oogling over a fresh flower bouquet? (Hint: not much. Yes, of course it happens from time to time… but, the Wow impact just doesn’t compare with a Blue Petyl brooch bouquet or jeweled silk flower bouquet)

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