DIY Brooch Bouquet? Here’s What DIY Articles Don’t Tell You

Is DIY right for you?  When brooch bouquets and jeweled wedding bouquets first became a popular wedding trend a few years ago, it began largely as a DIY concept. Wedding blogs promoted the idea with dozens of articles and videos encouraging brides to DIY.  If you’re skilled at jewelry making or similar crafting, and you have the necessary time, making your own bouquet can be a fascinating adventure! If you need to save on your budget and want to go for it, Blue Petyl has the lowest priced DIY Brooch Bouquet Kits you can find. You can also find your own individual brooches, rather than buying a kit, but it takes more time and money.

While you certainly can save money doing it yourself, we have some good reasons why it’s not for everyone.  Here’s what most DIY articles don’t tell you:

Top 10 Reasons a DIY Brooch Bouquet Isn’t For Everyone


1) Plan on Making More Than 1 Bouquet!

We hire very crafty and talented designers at Blue Petyl.  We’ve never once seen a new designer make a good bouquet on her first attempt….Or her second….Or her third.  We end up taking apart these first bouquets, and redoing them until they are good.  Sometimes we’re happy with a designer’s fourth bouquet. And if we’re happy with it, we know our customers will be happy too.  If you’ve never made a brooch bouquet before, plan on making it more than once!

2) Colors Matter

Ever notice that most DIY bouquets are a mix of “eclectic” colors?  It can be difficult to find a variety of brooches at reasonable prices in specific colors to match your wedding.

Silver or Pearl are very common colors for brooches, and can be easy to find.  But, the minute we start talking about Turquoise, Champagne, Coral, Fuchsia, Lavender, Teal, Sapphire (or dozens of other specific colors), it gets much more difficult to find brooches, and generally much more expensive.


Blue Petyl’s advantage is that we have an inventory full of a whole rainbow of materials.  We are able to purchase brooches in large bulk quantities, and thus have access to every possible color for your bouquet.  We also don’t charge extra to customize any bouquet in your colors.

 3) Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Plan to follow DIY instructions?  We don’t recommend using the assembly techniques we have seen in DIY articles and videos. Everything we have seen tells you to secure brooches to a single or double wire stem, or worse, use a styrofoam ball! These techniques result in loose, poorly constructed bouquets.  When you SHAKE your bouquet, the brooches will RATTLE.  And, some pieces are likely to ROLL off the bouquet at some point because they are not properly fixed.

Making a Brooch Bouquet

Blue Petyl Bouquets are well constructed.  Our brooch bouquets are solid, single pieces, not loose bunches of brooches, and certainly you will never find any styrofoam!  Back in 2010, we first started using some of the same assembly techniques shown in the DIY articles. After several customers complained, we created new techniques to properly make solid bouquets that don’t rattle.  It takes more time, but we haven’t had a single complaint since!

 4) All Brooches are NOT created equal!

Some brooches are more prone to rust than others.  Other brooches are more likely to tarnish during a warm summer.  Still others will fall apart or easily break during the assembly process.  If you are buying your own brooches, we recommend that you don’t chase after the lowest prices… these tend to be poor quality brooches. We have made the mistake of buying them ourselves, and we’ve learned to stay away!  If you purchase your own brooches for a DIY project, choose wisely: buy based on quality, not price! We recommend taking a look at The Bright Shop for good quality brooches at good prices.

 5) Designs Have Evolved

Every DIY article we’ve seen teaches how to make a basic design…  a bunch of brooches on wires grouped together in a round shape.. done!

Tear Drop Brooch BouquetIn the last few years, popular designs have evolved, and are now more complex than the DIY articles suggest.  In 2013, our most popular bouquets are Tear-Drop or Cascading shaped bouquets, and most brides today want extra details, like handmade couture flowers, crystal sprigs, personalized photos or messages, or similar details.

These more intricate designs that are popular today take much more time than the basic round DIY bouquet, and use a variety of materials beyond brooches.  The cascading or tear-drop shapes in particular take extra time and skill.  At Blue Petyl, we have several full-time professional bouquet designers, only a few of whom are able to make good cascading bouquets… it’s not easy. Even after making dozens and dozens of traditional round bouquets, some designers still don’t have the skill… because it’s so difficult!

 6) It Takes HOW long?

You can easily spend more than 100 hours buying brooches and assemblying a bouquet, if it’s your first time. Even with expert supervision, it takes our novice designers about 15-20 hours just to assemble their first bouquet….which we inevitably have to redo because it’s not very good.  That’s just the assembly… If you want to find and purchase your own brooches and other materials, figure on dozens of hours more.

Planning and preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time; no doubt!  Given all the other demands on your time, use it wisely!

 7) You’ll Need A Good Manicurist

Have soft hands?  Get ready to tear them up!  Our designers all have big, beautiful calluses on their fingers and hands after making dozens and dozens of bouquets.  Those first few bouquets? They poke, shred, rip, and tear your hands!  If you decide to go the DIY route for your bouquet, we’d advise you do it long before your wedding, so your hands will have time to recover.  Then, get a great manicure!

 8) “Why Won’t it Just FIT?!” :-x

Get frustrated easily?  This probably isn’t the best project for you.  Making a brooch bouquet requires a good deal of patience, especially if there’s no one to guide you.  Brooches have a mind of their own, and often don’t go where you want them to go. You’ll probably have to take your bouquet apart and start over from scratch at least once, maybe more. You’ll have to learn how to work with the brooches, and there’s a good chance your bouquet will end up different from your vision.

 9) Pick And Choose Your DIY Projects

Your wedding is full of choices, and there are many opportunities to trim your budget by doing things yourself.  You can make your own centerpieces… table arrangements… party favors… wedding cake…. food.  Some of these things can be made without much hassle, and others require more time or specialized skills.  That’s where the professionals can come in handy.

Invitations, for example, are a relatively simple project to tackle by yourself, especially with modern software and online printing companies to help.  And, depending on how many guests you have, it could save you a lot of money! Ever made your own hair piece or your own garter? Not too difficult. (and MUCH easier than a brooch bouquet!)  We’re probably biased, but we just think if you want a brooch bouquet for your wedding, it’s something better left to the professionals.

 10) Shhhh!  (A Lot of DIYers Don’t Save Any Money At All!)

Don’t read this out loud:  Brides usually pay too much for their brooches.  If you’re spending around $7 or $8 per brooch, we can make you a whole bouquet for about the same price.  Certainly, you can find plenty of brooches for less than $7 or $8 each, but given that some types of brooches are prone to tarnish, and others are easily breakable, you may end up buying more brooches than you would otherwise need for the bouquet.

We’ve also seen many brides come to us in frustration after attempting to make their own bouquet.  By that time, they’ve already gone through the time and expense of purchasing their own brooches, and plus the frustration of building and rebuilding their own bouquet, only to give up and ask us to make it for them.  They would have saved both time and money by purchasing a bouquet, rather than making it themselves.

While you may indeed save money doing it yourself, it is not a sure thing!

If you still think a DIY brooch bouquet is the way to go, we wish you luck! You have an interesting journey in front of you!  If not, please keep us in mind.  We’re happy to make a bouquet for you!

– Wini & Joe
Blue Petyl

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