Order Terms & Conditions

The Fine Print

1. Your bouquet will be handmade and one-of-a kind. Because each bouquet uses unique individual brooches or other materials, no two bouquets will look exactly alike. If you want your bouquet colors to be “Just Like The Photos!”, we will match the colors of the original bouquet seen on the website, but we will not use the exact same brooches, jewels, or other materials. If you would like to request specific items for your bouquet, please contact us prior to purchasing.

2. We really don’t like to do this, but if you decide to change your bouquet model after we’ve started work on your order, we may charge a $25 Change Fee.

2. We’ve had ONE return in THREE years!… and it broke our hearts! Returns for purchases which are not Custom Orders or Wholesale Orders may be made for any reason within 7 days of customer’s receipt of the bouquet. We will not accept any returns after the customer’s wedding date has passed, without exceptions. In the event that the customer’s wedding date falls within 7 days of the customer’s receipt of the bouquet, Blue Petyl will not accept any return after the customer’s wedding date.

3. We will consider returns for Custom Orders on a case-by-case basis. Blue Petyl reserves the right to refuse any return or refund for a Custom Order.

4. Charms by jYOUlry are not returnable or refundable under any circumstances. If you receive your charm damaged or otherwise in poor condition, please notify us immediately. We will do our best to replace it in time for your wedding.

5. Wholesale Orders are defined as any order receiving wholesale pricing. All sales are final for Wholesale Orders; We do not accept returns.

6. We GUARANTEE your bouquet won’t arrive late for your wedding! We’ve NEVER-EVER been late! HOWEVER, if Heck does freeze over and somehow your bouquet arrives late for your wedding, we will give a full refund for any items returned to us so long as the order was paid in full by our “shipping deadline”. Our “shipping deadline” is generally calculated as 2 weeks prior to the wedding date for U.S. shipping destinations, and 3 weeks prior to the wedding date for international shipping destinations. You will be informed of the shipping deadline for your order after placing your order. If we have not received payment in full for an order by the “shipping deadline”, we will be forced to delay shipment of the order until payment is received. We will not accept returns for late arrivals in this case. In ALL OTHER CASES, you get a full refund if we’re late!

Custom Order Terms
7. A “Custom Order” is defined as any order in which a customer requests any custom modifications to a bouquet or other product. Such modifications can include changes to colors, styles, size, or materials. We also consider any purchase from the website made with the option to “Make it in my colors!” to be a Custom Order.

8. Blue Petyl requires a minimum 50% deposit for Custom Orders before beginning work. The deposit is intended to cover Blue Petyl’s expenses incurred for the Custom Order, and is non-refundable to the extent that work has been performed for the Custom Order.

9. We accept each Custom Order based on specific characteristics as requested by our customers. These features include size, colors, quantities of items, and a description of materials to be used. They normally also include a model bouquet which is used as a design reference for the Custom Order. Customers may also provide descriptive themes or styles which are important characteristics of the order.

10. The features or characteristics of each Custom Order are described in an order confirmation notice (“Order Confirmation”), which Blue Petyl sends to each customer upon confirmation of the Custom Order, prior to initial payment. For purchases made directly on the website with the option to “Make it in my colors!” features are defined based on the description of the product purchased.

Custom Order Terms (continued)
11. Blue Petyl relies on these features or characteristics as a guide to help plan and create the Custom Order. As a result, we ask that customers carefully review the Order Confirmation or website description of the products prior to purchasing. Any customer who disagrees with any of these features of their Custom Order (e.g. size, colors, quantities, and description) should immediately notify Blue Petyl to correct the order as soon as possible.

12. Once we have begun work on a Custom Order, if the customer then requests substantial changes which alter the features or characteristics of the Custom Order (for example, if the customer changes her colors or the type of bouquet), Blue Petyl may charge additional amounts to the customer to cover its additional expenses of labor and materials as necessary to to implement the requested changes.

13. We will not charge any additional amounts for rework without first gaining the consent of the customer.

14. Our bouquets typically require up to three intermediate stages of production: Wiring, in which materials are attached to wires or are otherwise prepared for the product. Assembly, in which materials are assembled into the form of a bouquet, boutonniere, corsage, or other product. Finishing, in which final touches are put in place to hide wires and other visual blemishes. For a bouquet, Finishing normally includes creating a collar and wrapping a handle with ribbon, satin, or a similar fabric.

15. We usually send photos to the customer of their Custom Order as we progress through production. Photos are most commonly sent at specific stages of production: prior to Wiring, upon completion of Assembly, and upon completion of Finishing. We send photos with the explicit purpose of gaining a customer’s approval of our work in progress on the Custom Order.

16. Once a customer has provided approval based on our photos at any stage of production, the customer will then have limited ability to request changes if such changes will require rework. Blue Petyl will replace or remove materials at no additional charge only to the extent that such materials can be removed or replaced without causing substantial rework.

17. Blue Petyl will rework a Custom Order at no additional charge in the event that such rework is required due to an oversight or mistake by Blue Petyl.

18. We will not ship a Custom Order until the customer has approved of all finished items in the Custom Order. Final approval may be evidenced in writing or verbally. Final approval is also evidenced by a request to ship the Custom Order or by customer’s payment of the final deposit for the Custom Order.


19. Buyers in the state of California must pay 8% sales tax on all products purchased. In some cases, we do not collect any California sales tax on the first deposit payment because we may be unaware that the buyer is a California resident. When that happens, we must collect the entire 8% sales tax prior to shipping an order. All buyers outside of California do not need to pay any sales tax.

20. Some countries outside of the United States may charge import taxes (e.g. VAT) related to the purchase and importation of our products from the United States. Blue Petyl does not collect any such duties or taxes. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any taxes directly to their home government, if applicable.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these terms & conditions you may contact us using the information below.


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